Surgiwear was established by Dr. G D Agrawal, for manufacturing surgical implants, disposable drapes and emergency rescue products to supply in the global markets. His single minded devotion to work, vast knowledge and good business ethics become a popular name in medical fraternity.

Surgiwear is an Indian medical devices company which strives to manufacture & supply the latest and most comprehensive range of surgical implants, disposable drapes and Life-saving products.

Surgiwear’s emergency rescue products have been approved and are being used by various defence establishments of the Indian army and Central Armed Police Forces. These products are also critical component of various first aid kits used by the armed forces for counter insurgency operations.


What People Say

Surgiwear is a known medical company and the hospital products are widely used in Command Hospitals especially in Neurosurgery Department.

Today Surgiwear’s combat products are integral part of the first aid kits and other kits which are carried by the soldiers during any operations.

RMO Indian Army

RMO Indian Army

When we first saw the product catalogue and product range we thought these are imported products. We are happy to note today, Indian companies have started manufacturing these critical life saving productespecially Combat Tourniquet (EMQUET) and Chestseal.

The cost of the products are also economical when compared to theimported brands/ products.  The products are very useful for the soldierdeployed in the conflict zones.

Wishing all the best & success!



We have used Surgiwear’s combat medical products and found it to be satisfactory. The products are useful for the forces.

Medical officer – NSG

Medical officer – NSG

Combat casualty care through Medtech innovations

Surgiwear combat medical products focuses on MARCH
acronym which targets the five leading causes of
preventable death following traumatic injury. During a
combat scenario when every seconds count, it is imperative
that everyone, with every casualty, be able to easily apply
the best intervention at the right time.

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