Frequently Asked Questions

+Why Surgiwear Emergency Rescue Products?
We are India’s only manufacturers of Emergency Rescue Products with 38 years experience in Medical Devices. We are also makers of DGQA approved Next Generation First Field Dressings (FFD). Our Products are manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facility. We are also members of SIDM.
+What is BFNA, BFAK & IFAK?
Globally security forces use different first aid kits for different purposes & operations. There are specialised first aid kits which are used by the security forces for counter insurgency operations. Surgiwear provides the critical contents of these first aid kits like Tourniquet, Chest Seal, Compression dressings etc. These first aid kits are approved by DGAFMS


  • BFAK (Basic First Aid Kit)
  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
  • BFNA (Basic first aid nursing assistant)

+What is Tourniquet?
Tourniquets can be applied in emergency situations to prevent haemorrhaging and excessive bleeding.
+When should you use a Tourniquet?
If a person is bleeding profusely and help is not nearby, they may bleed out before first responders can arrive and provide necessary medical care. By applying a tourniquet, your goal is to restrict blood flow to the injured limb to prevent life-threatening blood loss.
+What is Chest Seal?
Tholok Chest seal dressing is used to treat open pneumothorax & tension pneumothorax in chest injuries due to gunshot wound, stab wound. One way valve is designed to let air & blood inside the thorax out & not to let into the thorax any air from outside.
+How does Chest Seal works?
An open pneumothorax occurs when the chest wall injury extends through the parietal pleura into the pleural cavity. Vented chest seals allow for the release of accumulated air or evacuation of blood and are effective in preventing the re-entry of air through the open chest wound.
+What is UEM Splint?
Universal Emergency Splint is used to keep an injured limb from moving and to protect it from any further damage. Also used to stabilize broken bone while the injured soldier is evacuated.
+Why Surgiwear FFD?
Surgiwear FFD is a special bandage which can be carried by soldiers for immediate use in case of any grievous injury when stopping of blood is top priority. Its specially designed wound pad made up of non leachable silver which prevents bacteria and helps in prevention of infection in wound.
+Difference between RD10 and RD15 Compression Bandages.
Rakshika dressings are emergency trauma dressings used for providing compression. The compression bandages are very effective and come in different sizes. The variants are RD 10 & RD 15


  • RD10 – (Width 10cm X length 250cms)
  • RD15 – ( Width 15cm X length 250cms)

+Why is EMCOM chest dressings used?
EMCOM dressing is made of soft elastic cloth. The dressings does not obstructs respiratorymovements after application. EMCOM chest dressing is mainly used to cover chestwounds but yes the same dressings can be used in any other area large wounds i.e thighs
+How different is Surgiwear’s CPR Mask?
Many times during emergencies victim stops breathing and someone has to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Conventional method of giving CPR has some disadvantages. During mouth to mouth respirationparamedic’s mouth does not seal properly against the patient’s mouth. Lack of sealing results in poor respiration which may be not be good for the victim .

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