Rakshika Isly


PVMS No: 290074, 290075, 290076

Emergency Compression Bandage

Rakshika ‘Isly’ bandage features a conventional design tailored to effectively halt blood flow from traumatic bleeding wounds, particularly in critical field conditions. The open “C” shape clip applies ample pressure to the bleeding point while ensuring comprehensive coverage of the injured limb.

The wound pad, designed for comfort and ease of use, is non-adherent, allowing almost painless dressing removal. Furthermore, strategically placed knots within the layers of the bandage prevent it from accidentally unfolding, even if dropped on the ground.

This bandage is equipped with a closure bar at the end, facilitating easy and secure bandage placement. By twisting the closure bar, a tourniquet effect can be generated at the wound site, further aiding in the control of bleeding.

Key Features:

  • Rakshika Isly bandage is sterilized and vacuum-packed within durable aluminium packaging.
  • This packaging serves as a shield, providing protection against light, ultraviolet radiation, water vapor, oxygen, and microorganisms.
  • It is available in three sizes: 4 inches (10 cm), 6 inches (15 cm), and 8 inches (20 cm).
  • The 4-inch and 6-ich versions come with an extra wound pad, which proves invaluable in cases involving entry and exit wounds.
  • Typically, exit wounds tend to bleed more profusely than entry wounds. In such situations, when both types of wounds are present, the primary wound pad (stitched with the bandage) should be positioned directly over the exit wound, and the additional pad should be adjusted to cover the entry wound.
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  • The bandage is elastic and accommodates post injury swelling.
  • Rigid ridge generates pressure on bleeding point.
  • Less risk of gangrene. The blood circulation will be maintained from sides of ridge. Sides of ridge are pressure free.
  • Wound pad has a non stick lining. Removal of dressing is with less pain and non traumatic.
  • Wound pad has antiseptic. It prevents infection.
  • Top layer is cohesive bandage and water repellant. Cohesiveness keeps the bandage in place.
  • To maintain sterility, Rakshika is double packed and supplied sterilized. The inner packing is of medical grade paper and polyester laminate whereas outer pack is made of transparent polyester laminate sheet.
  • It is supplied duly vacuum packed to reduce volume.

Instructions for use


Tear open the pouch and take out the inner pack. Peel open inner pack & take out the dressing


Remove release liner from end.


Press the end before the wound. The ridge must oppose the bleeding wound. Wrap bandage around the limb


Press the free flap “3B” against “3Ä”


Press the free flap “3B” against “3Ä”


Pull the bandage forcefully and wrap it around the limb maintaining strong pull


Keep on wrapping bandage with strongpull.


End part of bandage is cohesive.Just press it on the bandage.



Rakshika is available in 2 sizes: RD10 (width 10 cm X Length 250 cms) RD15 (width 15 cm X Length 250 cms) Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.