About Us


Surgiwear is India's first medical devices company which manufacturers a range of emrescue products for global security forces. Product range includes Combat Tourniquet, Chest Seal, Next Generation First Field Dressings, UEM Splint etc. The emrescue product range are manufactured in India and proven in Battlefield. The products are approved by Indian Army and other elite special forces.

G.Surgiwear Limited is also registered with Society for Indian Defence Manufacturers(SIDM).

Quality Commitment

As an Industry leader, We have taken the initiative to implement a quality control system that is strictly enforced in both our manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Apart from combat medical products; today company manufacturers 500+ products including Hydrocephalus shunt system which are in full compliance with WFNS (World Federation Neurosurgical Society).



Surgiwear envision itself as a leading company in creating innovative quality surgical products for the global population without compromising with its business values & principles. The aim of Surgiwear is to assist the medical world with the best of its ability and calibre. And have an abiding desire to excel in services for providing medical equipments and supplies worldwide.



Exploring new horizons in the world of fine medical devices by integration and constant enhancement of our existing potential in product design, quality, cost & supply for the extreme delight of client.