Compact Portable Emergency Stretcher

Compact Portable Emergency Stretcher

(PVMS No.: 290079)

EmRescue Compact Portable Stretcher is ideal for transportation of wounded soldier from the immediate danger of battle to be treated in a warm or cold zone. It is lightweight and suitable to use in compact spaces and from areas inaccessible to normal stretchers.

Wide Range of Applications: It can be used for transportation of injured soldier from battle field, mountain rescue, road accidents and household injuries. Fold-able design, it takes very little space, convenient to carry and store.


  • Made of lightweight, heavy-duty nylon.
  • Features 10 carry handles with a load capacity to 200 kgs.
  • Vacuum-packed.
  • Latex-free, non slip grip.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Made in India

Dimensions: 185cm x 65cm

Packaged Size: 23cm x 14cm

Weight: 270 gms Approx

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